Saturday, 26 March 2011

Anti-Gay App 'Bad Apple' Plucked After Provoking Outrage - Page 2 - Technorati Technology

Anti-Gay App 'Bad Apple' Plucked After Provoking Outrage - Page 2

Truth Wins Out's director of communications and development John Becker said in a statement. “This is a that double standard that should not stand."

There is no cure because there is no illness. Homosexuality was removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatric Disorders in 1973. In its place went:  "ego-dystonic homosexuality," which was highly criticized. This was in effect until 1986, when it was removed in its entirety. Up until this point homosexuals were charged and jailed as sexual perverts or placed into a mental ward where some of the "sexual perverts" had lobotomies performed on the less fortunate. By current standards, a mental illness is diagnosed when the symptoms substantially interfere with daily functioning. Many psychologists and psychiatrists found that homosexuality alone was not interfering with daily functioning.

The LGBT community and consumers doesn’t need an Apple IPhone and IPad loaded with worms. Somewhere out there in Tech-Land is a guru who can come up with apps that help and not hinder gay, lesbian, bisexual,and transgender people who may be lost in all the confusion. The apps should be helpful with resources and referrals for self-help, hotlines, gay organizations, gay venues and businesses, clinics for mental and  physical care, Dial-aPrayer apps to pray for protection and guidance from the likes of Exodus, Inc., and those like them, shelters for gay youths and adults who are homeless, legal help for those with legal matters, spiritual, online, LGBT Bible Study, LGBT activities, a search to find churches that can become  a safe haven for the grace of God for understanding, wisdom,and strength to those having a hard time with their sexuality,and gay activities and events. These are the kinds of applications that should be applied as apps for the Apple IPad, IPhone and iPod Touch for the ease and luxury of it all. The above mentioned features are  the kind of Apple IPad and IPhone that Apple chief executive Steve Jobs should unveil.

This just in from the wire;The so-called "gay cure" apps were pulled on the morning of March 23, 2011. So, one Bad Apple does spoil the rest of the basket.