Thursday, 31 March 2011

SpeechTEK Europe 2011

Jim Larson
SpeechTEK Europe Programme Chair

Have you developed a multimodal application that uses speech technologies? Take SpeechTEK Europe’s Multimodal Challenge

Submit a written description of your speech tech multimodal application and, if selected, you’ll be invited to create a two-minute video of your deployed multimodal application on YouTube.

We’ll promote your video on this site and user experience experts will evaluate your application and award prizes based on originality, usability, and quality. SpeechTEK Europe conference attendees will vote for the best multimodal application during the conference in London and winners will be announced at the close of SpeechTEK Europe.

Check out the latest companies to take the Multimodal Challenge:

Personal Health Assistant
Openstream Inc

This smart multimodal mobile application provides the ability to create and update personal health records using convenient multimodal interfaces. This application combines reminder/alerting services, with location-based searches, maps and directions, image/video capture and annotation, and group-share of selective information securely. It acts as a health-passport for individuals with information on allergies, drug-interactions and wellness monitoring.  

Intelligent multimodal/multi module automated real-time authentication processes
FST21 Ltd

SafeRise an intelligent multimodal recognition system used for automated real-time authentication processes. The system enables biometric recognition based on face, voice and behavioural patterns, correlated with real-time live information and database cross quarries. SafeRise provides easy and convenient access to authorised tenants and approved visitors while maintaining the highest level of security.

FlexT9 for Android
Nuance Communications

FlexT9 for Android represents the power of a truly multimodal experience combining voice and predictive input to give mobile consumers more control over how they send emails or text messages, search the web, update their social media status, and more. By combining Nuance's Dragon Dictation, T9 Trace, T9 Write and XT9, users decide whether they speak, trace, write or tap - or all of the above - via an innovative four-in-one keypad. FlexT9 allows users to switch between different input methods with just a simple tap - and now they can easily toggle back and forth between all six supported languages, which include UK and US English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. FlexT9 is currently available on the Android Market.

Ocean Blue Software Ltd

Talk@TV is a digital set top box (STB) solution that benefits users who are blind or have visual impairments, by voicing the on screen programme guide and menu items. Broadcast data such as the narrative for programs, and static data such as menu items and layouts are clearly described by voice. The project has utilised many years of experience from the RNIB (Royal National Institute of the Blind), on designing products for visually impaired and elderly people using the knowledge from psychologists, creative designers and evaluation trials on how to create products for everyone to use. The product is the world's first accessible, Digital free to air set-top box (STB) designed to provide and allow greater visual clarity in operation, intuitive for the user, easy to use and a better experience than normally associated with Digital TV receiver devices. The breakthrough development allows the visually impaired to access TV like never before.