Saturday, 26 March 2011

Photographer shooting the moon ‘saw a UFO’ - Local Headlines - Berwick Advertiser

Photographer shooting the moon ‘saw a UFO’

HE was on his way to Seahouses harbour to take pictures of the moon, but what local photographer Quentin Hutchinson saw instead was a “very bright orange ball of light”.

Quentin claims what he witnessed on Saturday night was a UFO. He had gone down to the harbour shortly after 10pm to take pictures of the moon, unusually large because it was at its closest to Earth since 1992, but he found his attention diverted by strange lights in the sky.

“On the way back from the harbour, walking along main street and approaching the first school, I noticed a very bright orange ball of light appear on the skyline above North Sunderland, and which moved fast and without sound towards me,” he explained.

“Then I noticed it was followed in line astern by a second similar light, both totally silent and moving at high speed. I managed to take a quick photo of them, and then saw a third orange light following further behind.

“All flew in formation at high speed towards me (as if flying towards the sea) but then they changed direction in a sweeping curve to head up north. As I stopped an elderly couple to point the objects out to them, the lead object did a zoom climb to high altitude.”

He contacted RAF Boulmer which confirmed they did not have any fast jet activity in the area that night at that time, and had nothing on their tapes to explain these lights.

UFO sightings and an “alien abduction” were detailed in thousands of documents released by the National Archives earlier this month. Previously classified documents reveal UFOs were discussed by the UK government